4 Reasons to Choose Kikuyu Grass for Your Garden Lawn

One of the benefits of living in most parts of Australia is being able to enjoy plenty of long warm days with clear blue skies. There are a few better places to enjoy such weather than in your own garden, so it makes sense to think carefully about the best type of turf to use for your lawn. While there are plenty of options, Kikuyu remains one of the most popular across the country, so it should definitely be at the top of your list.

Adding Paving To Your Landscaping Project: What You Need To Know

Are you considering adding paving to your landscaping project? This blog post discusses the ins and outs of using paving as part of your landscaping project. Scroll down to find out more. Types of Paving When selecting a type of paving for your landscaping project, several options are available. One popular choice is asphalt because it is durable and relatively easy to install. Asphalt can also be customised with colours or sealants for a unique look that fits in with the overall design plan for your landscape.