4 Reasons to Choose Kikuyu Grass for Your Garden Lawn

One of the benefits of living in most parts of Australia is being able to enjoy plenty of long warm days with clear blue skies. There are a few better places to enjoy such weather than in your own garden, so it makes sense to think carefully about the best type of turf to use for your lawn. While there are plenty of options, Kikuyu remains one of the most popular across the country, so it should definitely be at the top of your list.

Here are just four reasons why Kikuyu turf is ideal for residential lawns.

1. Attractive Appearance

The way your lawn looks is going to make a big difference to your property's curb appeal, especially when the lawn can be seen prominently from the outside. One reason Kikuyu turf is so popular is its bright green leaf, which tends to grow densely for a uniform and upright appearance. This makes it a dependably attractive option that will stay looking fresh and healthy all year round.

2. Comfortable Surface

Some varieties of grass will look nice enough but then feel unpleasantly rough on your feet, but this isn't the case with Kikuyu. Its attractive colour is complemented by a relatively soft leaf, and the fact that Kikuyu grass grows so thickly helps produce a soft and spongy surface that is lovely to walk, lie on, or play on. This is great for any residential garden, but it's particularly nice when you have young children since they'll be able to run and play across the lawn in total comfort.

3. Resilience to Heavy Traffic

You'll often find that Kikuyu grass is used for sports fields, parks, and other areas that are prone to heavy footfall. This is because its dense growth and deep root system enable it to stay healthy even when people are always walking over it. As such, it's a good match for busy family gardens. Whether you like to host barbeques throughout the summer or know that all your kid's friends will be coming around all the time, you can trust Kikuyu grass to put up with the strain.

4. Tolerant to Heat

Having lots of warm weather can be great, but all that heat can put too much strain on many species of grass. However, Kikuyu can handle the sun very well. Its strong, deep root base allows it to stay healthy even when days are hot, water is relatively scarce, and there isn't much shade to be had. That makes Kikuyu grass an ideal fit for many Australian homes.

For more information on Kikuyu grass, contact a professional near you.