Adding Paving To Your Landscaping Project: What You Need To Know

Are you considering adding paving to your landscaping project? This blog post discusses the ins and outs of using paving as part of your landscaping project. Scroll down to find out more.

Types of Paving

When selecting a type of paving for your landscaping project, several options are available. One popular choice is asphalt because it is durable and relatively easy to install. Asphalt can also be customised with colours or sealants for a unique look that fits in with the overall design plan for your landscape. Another option is concrete, which can provide a range of colours and finishes depending on what type of material you choose. Finally, if you are looking for something more natural-looking, gravel or stone pavers can be used as well.

Cost Considerations

The cost of adding paving to your landscaping project will vary depending on what type of material you use and how large an area needs to be paved. Generally speaking, asphalt tends to be more affordable than concrete but may require extra maintenance over time due to its porous nature. Concrete offers more customisation options but can be pricier upfront than asphalt or stone pavers. Gravel or stone pavers may require additional labour costs due to their intricate installation process but can provide a natural look that complements any landscape design plan.

Other Factors To Take Into Account

In addition to cost considerations, other factors should be taken into account when determining whether or not adding pavement is right for your landscaping project. For instance, consider how much traffic the area will receive once the pavement has been installed. If it will get heavy use from vehicles or pedestrians, then you want to make sure that the pavement chosen can stand up against wear and tear over time without requiring too much maintenance from you down the road.

Additionally, consider whether or not drainage could become an issue. If so, then installing permeable pavers may be necessary in order for water runoff not to become an issue in the future. Lastly, think about what long-term upkeep will look like. Some types of pavement may require occasional sealing, while others do not need regular treatment at all in order for them to maintain their optimum aesthetic appeal over time.


Adding paving as part of your landscaping project can help elevate its overall appearance while providing practical benefits such as increased durability against wear and tear over time, as well as improved drainage capabilities in areas prone to heavy rainfall or flooding. For more info, contact a company like Playford Pavers