Two Tips to Follow When Using Earthmoving Machinery Whilst Landscaping

Here are two tips to follow when using earthmoving equipment whilst landscaping.

Start reusing the collected soil as soon as it's released by the machinery

Many landscapers will reuse the soil that their earthmoving equipment operators dig up for other parts of their projects. If you'll be doing this, you should ensure that you start using the soil as soon as the bulldozer or excavator operator releases it. The way in which you do this will depend on the nature of your landscaping work but might involve, for example, putting the soil into planter pots for planting flowers or using it to make raised beds.

Gathering up the soil that's been moved as soon as the machinery releases it will mean it won't take up space on your work site for the duration of the earthmoving process. This will then mean that if you need to do landscaping work in the area where you're having the soil dropped off, you can begin this work sooner than you would if you left the reutilisation of this soil to the end of the project. Furthermore, it will also prevent the pile of earth that the machinery operator creates from getting dangerously tall to the point where it might collapse onto a nearby object or person.

Minimise the distance between the area from which the soil will be moved and the soil drop-off point

You should aim to make the distance between the area from which the machinery operator will be picking up the soil and the area where they'll be dropping it off as short as possible. The reason for this is that earthmoving equipment operators need to travel fairly slowly when carrying large loads of soil, and the greater the distance between these two points, the longer it will take the operator to drop off each load of soil.

As such you might find that the earthmoving segment of your project takes a very long time if you create an environment that requires the machinery operator to travel, for example, 10 minutes to reach the soil drop-off point (particularly if you have lots of soil that will take them several trips to transport). Additionally, the longer they have to travel with each load of soil, the greater the chance that some of it will fall out of their equipment during one of their journeys. Given this, if you want the operator to do their work quickly, you should aim to make the soil drop-off point as close to the area from which it's being removed as you can.