Characteristics Of Buffalo Turf That Make It Perfect For Your Property

Growing grass on your yard is not merely about planting seeds in the ground and watering them. Different types of species of grass will require varying environmental conditions as well as a diverse degree of upkeep to maintain healthy turf. Hence, if you choose the wrong type of grass species, then you could end up spending a considerable amount of money only for the turf to die. Fortunately, some grass pieces do well in Australia's climatic conditions and will be highly suited to your property, irrespective of your location. One of those species is buffalo turf. Before you invest in grass for your yard, consider the following characteristics of buffalo turf that make it perfect for your property.

Buffalo grass is salt-tolerant.

One of the main factors that should guide your decision on an appropriate grass species is your geographical location. However, the mistake some people make is assuming that as long as they live in Australia, then any Aussie grass species will do. The truth of the matter is that some turf species will be tolerant of salty conditions whereas others will not be. And if you reside in a coastal location, then you need to select a species that will not wilt due to the salty environment. Buffalo turf is perfect for wherever you reside in Australia since it will thrive both at the coast and in non-salty conditions!

Buffalo grass is shade-resistant.

Another important consideration to have when selecting appropriate grass species for your lawn is the degree of shade on your property. If you have a substantial amount of shade, whether naturally by having numerous trees or due to shade sails and other shelters, you need to invest in grass that will not wilt by not being in the direct glare of the sun. Buffalo grass has one of the highest shade tolerances when compared to other species available. Thus, if your property is surrounded by tall walls that limit the sun or of your garden is just partially shaded, you do not have to worry about some of your grass thriving while the rest wilts away.

Buffalo grass is soft, yet sturdy.

In decades past, the leaves of buffalo grass were rough to the point of being scratchy. However, the advent of new-age varieties has brought about soft blades that are highly comfortable underfoot. Species such as sapphire and palmetto buffalo turf are perfect for households with toddlers or individuals that simply love to walk barefoot on their yard. Despite this soft texture, the blades of buffalo turf are highly durable and are capable of withstanding heavy traffic. Moreover, the turf is also self-repairing, so you will not have to contend with patches or damaged grass.