Home Landscaping: Selecting a Portable Generator for Your Project

If you are planning on conducting landscape improvement work in your home, you might require some electrical tools and equipment for the tasks. Unfortunately, the use of such machines can be challenging without a convenient power outlet. Therefore, if you planning on working using electrical landscaping machines but cannot access your mains power, you will need to hire a portable generator. This option will allow you to enjoy flexibility around your property. Moreover, you will be able to use high-powered equipment without drawing energy from your house. If you are hiring a generator for the first time, you should use the tips below for ideal selection.

Determine Wattage Needs

You should calculate your wattage needs before choosing a generator for hire. If you select a generator with low power, you might not be able to power some of your landscaping equipment. On the other hand, you should not hire a huge generator because you might spend more money than necessary. For the best results, you should check the wattage demand of the machines you wish to power. The details are indicated on the equipment and in their manuals. Then, you should add the wattage requirements for the machines you wish to run simultaneously and compare with the available generators.

Consider the Run Time

You should inquire about the projected running time for the generators that you would like to hire for your needs. The run time refers to the length of time that the unit can power your equipment without requiring a refuel. If you are planning on conducting heavy landscaping work that will take a long period, you should look for a power unit with prolonged run time. The generator will allow you to work continuously without having to refuel. You should note that the units will run for longer if only a single machine is connected. Therefore, you should take into account the total amount of power which will be drawn at once.

Evaluate the Portability

Finally, you should think about the actual portability of the generator before final selection. The generators on the market are not homogenous in their design. Therefore, your choice will determine your ability to move the unit around the property while working on your residential landscape. If your wattage requirements are low, you might be able to find a lightweight generator which you can carry by hand. If you need a larger generator, you should look for units with portability features such as wheels for convenience.