The Types of Buffalo Turf Available for Sale

As a homeowner, one of the things which will ensure your lawn looks appealing is a well-maintained turf. This will add colour to your garden, making everything peaceful and serene. When growing grass, you may consider buffalo turf, as it is a favourite in Australia. This type of lawn comes with a bevvy of characteristics which make it highly preferred by homeowners. You may be new to all this and have no idea on the buffalo turf varieties available for sale. To help you out, here are some you may consider for your garden.

1.      Sapphire Buffalo Grass – If you are looking for a soft leaf lawn for your kids or pets to play on, then this is the best. It is also tolerant to weather changes, helping it maintain a great shade all year round. It also performs magnificently even when grown in extremely sunny conditions. The grass is also advantageous for busy homeowners, as it grows rather slowly, thus requiring little maintenance. In spite of its robust nature, the grass does not perform well in places of high traffic. This, therefore, means that it should be grown in areas where a lot of movement is not expected.

2.      Matilda Buffalo Grass – The Matilda buffalo turf variety is also another soft leaf lawn, similar to the sapphire buffalo turf. One of its core benefits is that it has a high tolerance to wear and tear. This, therefore, means that it can be used in places with a lot of traffic. The grass has the possibility of withstanding damage, repairing itself quite fast. The grass can also tolerate drought, making it among the toughest of the buffalo turf varieties. Due to its quick repair capabilities, Matilda turf grows faster. This means that it will require more maintenance when compared to the sapphire turf.

3.      The Palmetto Buffalo Turf – The palmetto turf is regarded as the best buffalo turf in Australia. The grass type offers exceptional performance when it comes to all essential features of buffalo turf. For instance, it has high drought tolerance as well as speedy recovery. The grass also grows slowly, which reduces the need for constant lawn mowing and maintenance. The turf has the lowest thatch levels, even in extraordinarily sunny or shady conditions. When looking to install premium grass with exceptional service, then consider palmetto buffalo turf, which also offers the best color during winter.