Practical Reasons Why You Should Invest In Clay Pavers

Clay pavers are known for their decorative appeal, which makes them an attractive material for homeowners looking to add decorative elements to their exterior flooring. However, due to their high cost, some individuals may assume that their decorative aspect may not be enough to make the cost worthwhile. In reality, clay pavers provide you with numerous advantages, which makes them an ideal investment for your residence. So what are some of the practical reasons why you should opt to use clay pavers around your home?

Clay pavers are inherently sturdy

A false assumption some individuals may make regarding clay pavers is that they are brittle and would break easily when high pressure is exerted on them. In reality, clay pavers are one of the stronger materials you could choose when compared to other materials are. The high strength to weight ratio of the clay pavers makes them a suitable option for heavy load applications such as your driveway, your walkways and more. This inherent strength also ensures that the clay pavers are not susceptible to damage, which means you will not have to repair them on a regular basis.

Clay pavers are naturally slip-resistant

With some paving materials, you would have to consider texture coating the surface to increase their slip resistance. This coating will not be mandatory when installing clay pavers. The surface of the clay is naturally rough, making it suitable for wet areas such as your swimming pool deck. With the enhanced traction that the clay pavers provide, there will be a decrease in the incidences of slipping and falling when walking on your paved areas.

Clay pavers are simple to maintain

One of the cumbersome aspects of installing pavers is that some materials will require routine maintenance if they are to retain their original lustre. Materials such as concrete will need scheduled sealing if they are to repel stains, dirt and more. Clay pavers, on the other hand, tend to be stain resistant as the pores on the surface are decreased during the firing process. As a result, all you would be tasked with is occasional scrubbing down of the pavers to eliminate dirt that may have become caked on the surface.

Clay pavers are eco-friendly

Not many people will pay attention to how environmentally friendly their paving materials as. However, if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, then opting for clay pavers would be a good choice. The kiln-drying process that creates the pavers does not emit any toxic chemicals, unlike a range of manufacturing processes that are used to create other types of paving materials. Therefore, you can rest assured that your pavers did not contribute to environmental degradation.