Landscaping Services: Tips to Preventing a Termite Infestation

Having termites on your property is not merely an eyesore. Left to their own devices, these pests can wreak havoc on all your timber structures, which could eventually lead to the need for demolition of your property. Therefore, it is essential for any property owners with timber structures to know how best to keep their premises protected. Below are some tips that can help in the prevention of an infestation on your premises.

Tip 1: Ensure the termites have no source of hydration

Just as a wide array of other pests, termites do need moisture to stay alive. When seeking a place to breed, they will factor in proximity to a water source that will provide them with the hydration that they require. Granted, you cannot eliminate all the soil on your property, despite the fact that this is one of their moisture sources. However, you can ensure that there are no other sources of moisture that they could take advantage of. For instance, ensure that all your exterior hoses are sealed properly to prevent any leaks that would attract termites. Secondly, ensure that there is no water in close proximity to the foundation of your home as this would encourage the termites to begin to burrow underneath your structure.

Tip 2: Ensure the termites have no source of food

The main form of nutrition that termites thrive on is cellulose. Cellulose is abundant in wood, which is why termites are attracted to all types of timber. Therefore, another way of ensuring your property does not become at risk of an infestation is to ensure that you eliminate all forms of non-living wood that may be lying around your property. This could be in the form of stumps, firewood, construction timber and even mulch. Stumps can be eliminated through professional landscaping services such as stump grinding or having them uprooted altogether. Lumber, on the other hand, should be stored away in a dry area to prevent it from rotting while keeping it out of reach of termites.

Tip 3: Ensure there is no shrubbery in close proximity to your structures

One aspect of landscaping that property owners favour is plants and vegetation. However, the closer that these pants are to your timber structures, the higher the risk of developing a termite infestation. The plants and shrubbery will attract the termites, which will then move on to seeking out food sources from your structures. It is thereby prudent to hire landscaping services to ensure there is a significant distance between your structures and the shrubbery around them, thus discouraging termites to forage around your premises.