7 Reasons to Hire Indoor Plants Rather than Buy Them

Indoor plants provide many wonderful and often overlooked benefits. Studies have shown that staff members working in environments with indoor plants are 12% more productive than those working without the benefits of an indoor plant. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency discovered that indoor air due to dust, bacteria and mold spores, can be 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. Indoor plants can reduce these airborne pollutants by up to 60%. 

The benefits of adding indoor plants are clear, but why hire them when you can buy them? 

Knowledge of What Works 

From current styles and fashions, to planter selection and plant placement, an indoor plant hire service is aware of what works and what doesn't. When you hire indoor plants, you'll also receive expert advice on how to get the best out of your plants as far as lighting, aesthetics and benefits go. 

Their Care is not Your Responsibility

When you opt for indoor plant hire, you don't have to sacrifice manpower for their care. Technicians will visit weekly to make sure they are fed and in good condition. 

Replacements Provided

Once your hired plants start to deteriorate, a technician will replace them with a healthy plant. When visiting to feed and check the condition of your plants, technicians often bring replacement plants with them. 


How you choose to organize your indoor plants in your office is completely up to you. If you want to reduce the amount, or move them around, your plant for hire service will arrange them as and when you need it. 

No Upfront Costs

No upfront costs like delivery, installation or purchase of leak proof planters. You only pay for the hire, which could be anything from $1 to $20. 

Plant Suitability

With a plant hire service you won't have to work out which plants are suitable for your office environment. A plant hire service will help you to decide, based on the lighting and layout of your office space. 

Support and Advice

You'll also receive constant expert advice whenever you need it. Not only will you never have to guess or spend time researching, but you'll also learn something about plants too. 

If you are considering adding plants to your office space, weigh up the pros and cons before making your decision. Compare your hiring and buying options and work out what it will cost in time and money. In the long run, it would seem hiring is the more economical choice but make sure you get a free quote before deciding on a course of action.