Be the Envy of the Street: 3 Properties that Make Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Turf Maintenance-free

A beautiful lawn will draw attention to the house. Generally, the turf of the lawn is the hardest to manage; however, with the introduction of Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo turf, the game has changed. This fine-textured turf looks beautiful thanks to its folding leaves, and is one of the easiest grasses to grow. If you're looking for turf that can still thrive with little maintenance and care, this is the Buffalo turf for you. Here are 3 reasons why.

High Performance Even in Shade

Most turf can only thrive in environments with good sunlight. In short, most of the time, you'll be checking to make sure that there are no obstructions creating huge amounts of shade. The amount of sunlight that your lawn receives will no longer be a concern if you switch to Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo. This type of Buffalo turf has the best performance in shade, and will grow an average of 5.6mm in areas with a shade rating from 30 to 90%.

Despite its high performance in shade, Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo turf can also thrive in hot weather conditions, and have been even highly recommended for hot humid and desert environments.

Wear Resistance and Excellent Injury Recovery

Unlike other types of Buffalo turf, Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo turf is extremely deep rooted. This has given it amazing wear resistance and an excellent ability to recovery from injuries. The stolons are fast growing, so this type of turf will thrive even in high traffic situations with ease. In fact, this type of turf grows so quickly that it often out-competes weeds. In addition, you can drive heavy vehicles over this type of turf without having to worry about the consequences.

Most experts do still recommend that you fertilise and water the grass more than expected and required if it will be installed in high traffic areas.

Superb Drought Tolerance

Are you a forgetful person and don't always stick to a watering schedule? Thanks to its deep roots, this type of turf can survive on minimal water. As a matter of fact, this type of Buffalo turf only needs to be watered once every several weeks during the warmer months except in severe heat and drought conditions.

If you want to be the envy of the street, but can't commit to the amount of time and effort that most turfs require, then Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo turf could be perfect for you. Learn more by contacting companies like Quality Turfing.