Lawn Care | 3 Easy Tips To Take Your Lawn From Drab to Fab This Summer

A better part of Australian summers are spent enjoying the great outdoors, even from the comfort of home backyards. According to data from Turf Australia, nearly 82 percent of Aussie homes have backyards, but only 30 percent know how to properly care for it. Preparing a brilliant lawn is certainly not as difficult as you think when you have the right lawn supplies at your disposal.

Here are some easy tips to take your lawn from drab to fab to enjoy a gorgeous outdoor summer:

Regular Lawn Mowing

Mow regularly for well-manicured lawns. Choose the right lawn mowing height to maintain the healthy appearance of your turf. In summer, keep in mind that your lawn will be exposed to full sunlight for extended periods, so you can reduce your mowing height. The mowing height will depend on the type of grass you have, so talk to your turf supplier about specific heights.

Don't leave the grass too high in summer, because the direct sunlight will speed up growth − this means that you will have to mow more often than necessary or it may cause excessive thatch. Make sure your blades are always sharp for a better and more even cut on dry grass. Lawn supplies like mowers can easily be purchased from your nearest home improvement store.

Fertilisation is Key

Grass requires essential nutrients for healthy survival and these nutrients are supplied through fertilisers. Keeping the lawn healthy reduces the chance of any lawn disease. Ensure that you match your fertiliser to the rate of growth of the lawn.

For example, grass that grows quickly doesn't need too much fertiliser. Some varieties of grass may need fertiliser application only a few times a year. Always check with your turf supplier about the frequency and quantity of fertiliser per application for the best lawn outcome.

Lawn supplies like fertilisers can be purchased from a local turf retail store. Stick with the same store as much as possible − they will have every detail about your turf growth readily available in their records and will advise you on the best course of action for your specific lawn needs.

Water Power

Never underestimate the power of mere water when it comes to maintaining a well-manicured lawn. Most varieties of grass need watering once a week, while others may require a different frequency. For example, in extremely hot climates, you may need to water the lawn every few days. The lawn will let you know it is thirsty when it changes colour slightly − so pay attention to the signs.

Walk over your lawn as a test to see whether it needs water. If you notice footprints, this means that there are low water levels − so the grass compresses under your weight. You'll need to water your lawn immediately and ideally early in the morning. During the later part of the day, water may evaporate because of the heat rather than sinking through the grass.

Taking care of your lawn with the right lawn supplies is supremely important to maintain its luscious health.